Aurora’s doors are always open to anyone who would like to visit our centre and to spend time volunteering on various activities.

Wheelchair dance

This is an activity based on the patterns and formations of Scottish Country Dancing which has been adapted to suit the movements possible.

We work with groups between 6-8 wheelchairs at a time. Each wheelchair has a pusher.

Some of the music we use is traditional happy Scottish or Irish music and some of the music is modern South African music. Our Sessions are enjoyed by the children and the pushers. The wheelchair dancing sessions are much anticipated by all.

Card making

A group of about 10 to 12 people meet on a Wednesday afternoon between 2 and 4pm at the Aurora Special Care Centre to recondition second hand greeting cards which are then sold on behalf of Aurora.

We are always in need of greeting cards as well as volunteers to join us on a Wednesday and more outlets to sell the cards (hairdressers, chemists, tea rooms etc)

For more information contact Barbara Fowler:
072 079 3846 or 041 360 7781

Time with the kids

We always appreciate an extra set of hands in the classroom. Feeding, reading, playing and spending time with the children.

Our children need a lot of care and attention, and the volunteers really enjoy spending time with them.

The children love playing with their toys, going for walks or looking at pictures. Each child and adult have very individual needs, so, the more people spending time with them – the more individual attention each can receive.






Water Play